Our treatment process requires you to have an initial consultation. Booking in advance is essential, and we ask that you bring any relevant medical information with you. 

The consultation will take between 1 and 2 hours. Your entire body will be assessed, including all joints and muscles, and we will also undertake standard balance, strength and movement screening.

It is very hard to gain an understanding of your problem while you are lying down, so you should be prepared to move a lot and to replicate the motions that are painful during the assessment. 

 After your consultation, your therapist will explain the findings of the consultation to you, usually over a cup of coffee. They will also create a plan of action tailored to you and your condition, and discuss this with you. 

 Once a strategy has been agreed, your therapist will guide you through your development and rehab plan, which you will then follow for around 4 weeks. This gives your body a good amount of time to re-learn new patterns and movements.

Through many years of experience, we have learned the following lessons: 

  • Joints do not just ‘come out of place’. The ways in which you work, train and live put you in positions that teach you to move in certain ways. You eventually reach a point where the load becomes too much. The joints and tissues then become stressed and painful.

  • There is no magic cure for this - it is your own lack of conditioning that has caused the pain. It is not unlucky - there is something wrong with the way you are using your body. Resting or stopping the activity does not solve the problem; the cause is still there, and when you start again it won’t be long before the pain is back.

  • It is highly unlikely that any manual body treatment will have a lasting effect. Treatments from therapists last about 2-24 hours, and then you are back to square one and require more treatment. Ultrasound, laser and artificial stimulation machines are not proven and have a very small impact on tissue repair.

  • Your body needs to learn to move and operate correctly itself - not via a therapist's hands. You need to do the work on your own body - if it all works well, you will be pain-free. It is not necessary to have hundreds of treatments.

 In a nutshell: in 95% of cases, program adjustments, re-training and movements that mould the body into safer positions (which can be understood, maintained and controlled) will take the pain away - and it does not come back. 


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