People We Drink Coffee With

Mansfield Sports Institute is based on the love of sport. When we are finished fighting each other while out training, we love to sit down and talk about all types of sport with others who share our passion. The companies below are run by people who give back to sport with sponsorships and support. We thank them for their friendship and hope their support of young athletes continues. 

DDTri are the leading importer and supporter of triathlon and triathletes in Denmark. The are always ready to help and support the hard work of young athletes. 




Nyt Syn Torvegade Randers support all MSI athletes with 30% off their sunglasses and prescription sunglasses.

 2285 Nyt Syn Torvegade Randers Uden Ramme Trykklar


James Jowsey is a great friend of MSI. James is alway willing to lend us his time and expertise during training camps and in the development of fitness and coaching professionals. In our opinion he is one of the finest coaches in sport. 



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