Coffee and Friends

At the MSI, coffee is important ...

We work hard, and when we are not out training or searching for new limits, we need something to put the enjoyment back into our legs. We don't drink a lot of beer and we stay clear of bad food, so we need a vice - and it is coffee. 

Some of the athletes at the MSI say they are not yet old enough to drink coffee! We are working on them. 

From our passion for coffee and our detailed discussions on which bean is best, our own little coffee brand has emerged, started to grow and gathered speed. 

We think that most occasions are suited to drinking coffee, but completely understand the need for different types of coffee at different times. 

For example, our pre-training coffee tends to be a strong, dark-roasted espresso. If we have a long training day planned, we will take what we call the 'shot in the dark' - this is an espresso in a regular coffee. Here we are not going so much for taste as impact. 

We are professional coaches, not expert coffee roasters - but coffee is our hobby, and we would love to drink a cup or two with you and discuss its flavour. 

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