MSI Professional Triathlon Coaching

This is a coaching plan for athletes who live like professionals. 

MSI triathlon coaching plans start with a four-hour session at the MSI followed by a trip to the pool. You will be tested both on and off the bike as well as during running. Each and every bone, joint and muscle is assessed to find strengths, weaknesses and focus points. After a complimentary lunch, we take a cup of coffee and talk together about you as an individual athlete. We then plan what we call your road map. We talk over the big things and discuss any small things which are holding you back.

From all this data collection, you will be set some training for up to fourteen days. This is what we call test training. Instead of using indoor testing equipment that bears no real relation to your outside performance, we set you a test training block and see how you function with different training systems over a period of time. We may also find some test races to see how you perform during races. 

This will give us a better indication of the athlete you are. During your test block you will be asked to keep track of what you eat and how you feel. The recording system we use is the TrainingPeaks training software. 

The professional coaching plan includes: 

  • Full training programming
  • Full biomechanical profiling
  • Race strategy planning
  • Season planning and peaking
  • Treatment in the case of injury
  • Stretching and strengthening programming
  • Nutritional programming
  • Mental coaching
  • Coaching meetings (one per week) and phone calls as you need them (no limit)
  • TrainingPeaks account and data analysis

Cost: £350 per month (min 3 months)

Yearly Contract: £3700

If you would like to talk about coaching at the MSI, please email us at and we can send you further details. 

If you want to be better than you have ever been ... this is for you. 



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