We have five different triathlon coaching options:

  • Professional - This is for people who race in their country's top class and who have completed their education or are over twenty-one years of age.
  • Project - This is for people who have said 'yes' to a one-off race, or who have an Ironman coming up and are not sure how to peak correctly. It is also useful for those who are in pain when training for a big race.
  •  Amateur - This coaching programme is for people who are serious about triathlon, enjoy racing and want to better their race time / position or qualify for Kona. We also take young athletes in on this level if they are under twenty-one years of age and still completing their education.
  • MSI Bike Fit - More power, better breathing, injury free, optimal aerodynamics: the only non-generic Bike Fit on the market.
  • MSI Run Fit - An assessment and overview of your running style and run patterns, followed by a development programme for run improvement.


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