At MSI we are lucky enough to have worked with many cricketers, enabling them to improve their biomechanics and stay injury-free. 

The old saying that cricket is a side-on game is incorrect - the reason we appear side-on is so that we can rotate to generate force. Cricket is therefore a rotational game. 

Ask any therapist in the world - its the twist that does the damage. With this in mind, we have developed a leading strength and conditioning programme for cricketers. It can not only assist you to avoid injury but also to become a better athlete. 

A Cricket Fit assessment takes around 4 hours. All your cricket mechanics will be assessed and a full joint and muscle imbalance test will be conducted. From here, you will be tested in your discipline (i.e. batting, bowling, fielding) and from the total findings a conditioning programme will be developed for you. 

The cost of this assessment, including the creation of a taillored 6-week development programme, is £320. 

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