MSI Bike Fit

The only non-generic Bike Fit on the market

We are all different. Each of us has different bone and muscle structures and positions. This means we should all sit differently on our bikes. Even two people with the same bone lengths will need to sit differently on their bikes. We all produce power in slightly different positions and depending on your muscle tightness and or flexibility your optimal power production will be different. This is why the MSI Bike Fit is designed to work with the individual athlete to create a more comfortable, more powerful position. It will optimise your biomechanics based on YOU - not the average of the population. 

You can always improve the way you sit on your bike and can always do things off your bike to improve your position. The concept that 'this is how you should sit now and for ever' is wrong. A Bike Fit should never be finished!

The type of race or bike you are racing/using will also be a factor in determining how you should sit. Saddle height is NEVER the same for different bikes. Every bike has a different geometry and that means a different power production point. 

The MSI Bike Fit takes around two hours. You will be assessed both on and off the bike for your biomechanical strengths and weaknesses. You will be filmed (as a teaching aid) so that we can explain and go through why we wish to change certain things in relation to your bike, your body and your riding style. 

After we have talked through the suggested changes, we will adjust your bike and test you in the new position. We will again discuss the different possibilities you have for sitting better in the future. 

This is followed up with a strength/flexibility programme to help you improve your bike biomechanics. 

Around six weeks after your Bike Fit, you are entitled to a free follow-up session. The idea behind this is that you have worked hard with your off-bike training programme, so we can adjust the bike once again so that you sit even better than before. 

The cost for an MSI Bike Fit is £220.

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