We have four different bike coaching options:

  • Professional - This is for people who ride in their country's top class and who have completed their education or are over twenty-one years of age.
  • Project - This is for people who have said 'yes' to a one-off race, or who have a big race coming up and are not sure how to peak correctly. It is also useful for those who are in pain when training for a big race.                                                                                     
  • Amateur - This coaching programme is for people who are serious about riding their bike, enjoy racing and want to better their cycle career. We also take young elite riders on this level if they are under twenty-one years of age and still completing their education.
  • MSI Bike Fit - More power, better breathing, injury-free, optimal aerodynamics: this is the only non-generic Bike Fit on the market.

For more information and booking, please contact:


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