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Welcome to the home of the Mansfield Sports Institute.


The Mansfield Sports Institute is a coaching and education provider specialising in the field of physical training and sports performance. We are famous for getting the best from athletes and ensuring they maximise their potential. 


If you are looking for coaching in a range of sports, please select the Coaching tab above or click here.


If you are looking for physical training, including performance enhancement, bike / run training or group training sessions, please select the Training tab above or click here.


If you are looking for treatment for a certain pain or problem which occurs whilst you are participating in your sport, please select the Treatment tab above or click here.


If you would like to book a seminar, buy a place on one of our courses or host a course, please select the 3D People tab above or click here.


If you, like us, are a coffee lover and would like to read about our new and exciting coffee project, please select the Coffee tab above or click here.

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